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Kusi Consulting is a South African born consulting and advisory firm founded by and run by seasoned professionals who are at the helm of the company. We have vast experience in the areas of Accounting, Audit, Business Strategy, Compliance Advisory, Enterprise Development, Finance, Forensic Audits, Internal Audit, Risk Management and Taxation services. We boast a highly skilled team, with experience in both the public and private sector both locally and internationally.

We focus on our clients’ needs and we strive to provide services to our clients in the most professional manner. We treat our clients like business partners as we assist them in the needs of their businesses.

With Kusi Consulting you know exactly what you are paying for and we aim to provide a service which is value for money for our clients. Kusi Consulting may provide the usual corporate and personal services but our approach to our clients makes us stand out from the crowd. Partnering with Kusi Consulting will ensure you get all the expert advice and guidance you need to meet your entity or individual needs.

Our head office is located in Gauteng and we have satellite offices in key locations around South Africa for us to serve our clients in the most convenient way.


Companies and individuals require services which come with a high level of accountability. Kusi Consulting specialises in providing end to end solutions for our clients. We view our clients as business partners so that we can build long term beneficial relationships for ourselves and our clients.  The following services are available to our corporate clients:





Station Road, Clayville East,
Olifantsfontein, Johannesburg,
South Africa 1665
Phone +27 73 123 8443
Email info@kusiconsulting.co.za

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